Together: Our Community Cookbook by The Hubb Community Kitchen Review

We actually came across this cookbook last month while searching for recipes. After reading numerous reviews we were intrigued. Upon further research we discovered that all the proceeds goes towards a very good cause resulting in us purchasing Together: Our Community Cookbook.

Upon the first flick through the cookbook we were so impressed by the variety of recipes that are unlike a typical cookbook. It is the first cookbook which has made me want to try all the recipes out!

The photography done by Jenny Zarins is very impressive because it fully shows off the final result of the recipe without it being too over-staged. Most cookbooks make the pictures from their food look nothing like what it would come out like.

The first recipe we tried out was the African Beignets (or as it is known in my family as Mahamri). The recipe was really easy to follow. We made the dough at 2am and let it rise until we were ready to have it. Just before we decided to watch TV together we shaped these and put it in the oven. They turned out amazing. Everyone was impressed especially since it was baked instead of being fried. The only difference is that it is much denser, it could be compared to a African inspired scone. Some of us love eating this with Nutella and others prefer this with strawberry jam.

Moreover, some of the recipes are very similar to what my family cooks such as Spiced Lamb Pilao, Green Chilli & Tomato Dip and Vegetable Samosas.

We haven’t tried many recipes. Some of the recipes that we want to try is Coconut Chicken Curry (with the chicken grilled before it goes into the curry), Aubergine Masala, Yemeni Bread and Caramelised Plum Upside-Down Cake.

In conclusion, we would highly recommend this cookbook especially to those who love to try different cuisines. It should also be pointed out that this book is an absolute steal at only £9.99. Plus how can you not give in to the urge when the money will go to the Hubb Community Kitchen – which will transform peoples lives and bring people together through the power of food.

Photography: 9/10 Easiness to Follow Recipes: 8/10 Creativity: 8/10 Variety of Food Recipes: 8/10 Value for Money: 10/10

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