Gilan Kitchen At Kookoo Review

📌 Gilan Kitchen At Kookoo in Bristol

We visited this Persian restaurant for dinner after travelling for 4 and a half hours to Bristol. This is our first time ever coming to Bristol. Tomorrow we will be back on road to our final destination Cornwall.

By the time we arrived there we were hangry as we hadn’t eaten or drank for 4 and half hours. We know, first world problems. This restaurant was really easy to find – even for us who have never been to Bristol before!

The atmosphere was very otherworldly, it literally felt like we were in another country. Our parents referred to it feeling like being in a café in Iran. The interior design was very Iran inspired – which combines grandeur with simplicity. We loved the chilled back vibe and simple interior.

The menu isn’t that extensive but that is probably because they put more pride and effort into their food than most other establishments. When we went they didn’t have any milkshakes or homemade cake. But perhaps it was because we got there around 8pm.

We ordered the Mixed Kebab Platter which was enough for the four of us. The chicken was unlike anything we’ve ever tasted before. It is very hard to describe, we have to admit it wasn’t personally our favourite but you have to try it at least once in your life. Our mum loved the chicken. Our favourite was the koobideh which was hands down the best one we’ve had so far. It was juicy, fresh, flavourful and succulent. The bargh – which is a Persian style barbecued and marinated lamb fillet – was absolutely delicious and unlike any meat we’ve ever had.

Moreover, the portion of rice we each got was seasoned to perfection. It may look like normal rice but we assure you it tastes very different to traditional steamed basmati rice.

The accompanying sides were delicious and definitely enhanced the overall meal experience. We tend to serve our rice dishes with yoghurt sides such as Raita or Mint Chutney.

The fresh juice drinks we ordered were delicious. We got fresh orange juice which was juiced to perfection- it wasn’t too tart and wasn’t too sweet. Our mum ordered pomegranate juice which was served with dried mint. It sounds strange but it actually enhanced the pomegranate flavour.

We finished off the experience with Persian Tea. Basically it is tea with saffron. The parents really liked it but we thought it was alright. Essentially we could live with out it.

Each serving of Baklava was more than enough for 2 people. We all agreed that it was the best Baklava we’ve had – due to the depth and intensity of flavours. The pistachio and walnut layer was clearly given a generous pinch of cardamom and saffron. If you’re not a big fan of cardamom we suggest you avoid this dessert.

The grand total was £79 for the 4 of us. The Mixed Kebab Platter was £45. Baklava was £5 each. Orange Juice was £4 each and the Pomegranate was £3.50 each. Hot Chocolate was £3.50 & Persian Tea was £4. It should be said although the food may not be the cheapest, you are getting value for money in terms of experience and trying yummy food that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter.

The Hot Chocolate was very good as far as Hot Chocolate at Restaurants go. It was pretty rich yet smooth and creamy. But it wasn’t as flavourful as expected due to the name suggesting it has a Persian twist when in reality it was just ordinary Hot Chocolate.

The service was very relaxed. There was only one staff working today, but he was very friendly and came to us at the right time. He wasn’t hovering over us like some waiters do – which makes us pretty uncomfortable.

Would we recommend this place? Yes, you definitely need to to try this place at least once in your life. Food / Drink: 10/10 Food Options: 6/10 Environment: 9/10 Value for Money: 9/10 Customer Service: 9/10

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