Toro’s Steakhouse Review

📌Toro’s Steakhouse, Manchester

We found this places after going past it multiple times and finally decided to give it a go.

The environment inside was nice and the staff were very friendly. There was a variety of food options including steak, prawns and burgers.

We both had a burger, one of us had a Surf and Turf burger and the other had a regular burger. Although flavourful, the burger was way too big to fit in our mouths! We didn’t expect the servings to be so big. At one point we had to take our burger apart and eat it with a knife and fork. The burger itself seemed like it was frozen beforehand and didn’t seem the best quality.

The only difference between the Regular Burger and the Surf and Turf was the fact that there was two prawns on top of Surf and Turf, which was just an additional £2.

Our mum had prawns which were delicious and our dad had steak which he said tasted ok but was quite fatty.

One of us had a Virgin Mojito which tasted delicious. Our mum had a Virgin Pina Colada which was also scrumptious.

Would we recommend this place? Yes, however there are better burgers out there. Food / Drink: 7/10 Food Options: 6/10 Environment: 8/10 Value for Money: 9/10 Customer Service: 10/10

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