Yummy Scrummy Bakery St Ives Review

On Tuesday, we went on a day trip to St Ives in Cornwall. When we finally got there we were starving, thus it was time for Brunch! After a few minutes of walking around we spotted this place and decided to try it.

As soon as we entered the Cafe we were surrounded by quite a lot of people ordering food. We went straight upstairs to find seating and browse the menu.

Upon browsing the menu some of us were left a bit disappointed by the lack of variety in savoury lunch options. We ended up getting Tuna Melt Sandwiches and Mum ordered a Jacket Potato with Beans. For dessert we ordered Cream Tea and a Chocolate Crepe. For drinks we already had water so we only got a Chocolate Milkshake to share between us.

The Tuna Melt Sandwiches came with what seemed like homemade thick bread that was pretty yummy. The overall sandwich itself was filling and satisfying but nothing we would go out of our way to get. Moreover, we could taste more butter and tuna than cheese – which is fine but the last time we checked a tuna melt was cheese and tuna.

Mum thought that her Jacket Potato wasn’t that great as they were very stingy with the toppings. But the salad garnish that came with it was nice and fresh. The dressing on the salad probably made up for the lack of toppings due to its flavour punch. The accompanying Coleslaw was fresh and as good as basic coleslaw can be.

The Chocolate Milkshake was – as you can probably tell by its appearance – was lacking flavour. You couldn’t really taste the chocolate. It was basically iced milk.

The Scones, which came as part of the Cream Tea, looked better than they tasted. They were slightly dry and had no flavour whatsoever. Some of us thought that even the store bought Scones were better (and cheaper) than this.

We tried the Chocolate Crepe which was pretty good. The Malteasers added an interesting texture and intense flavour to the Chocolate Crepe. This dessert was so intense that it would be best shared.

The customer service was great – the food came very quickly and the staff were very friendly – even though it was quite busy when we were there.

Now onto the important issue… MONEY. For all of the food and drinks above we paid £42 for the three of us. Most of the items we had were quite big serving sizes that you could share. But we thought that this was a bit pricy even though we were in a touristy area.

We felt that most of the products concentrated on making a profit by cost cutting. This was clearly obvious by them hardly adding any chocolate to the Chocolate Milkshake and being extremely frugal with the toppings for the Jacket Potato.

🤙Would we recommend? No unless you want to be overcharged for food that you can make better yourself for a quarter of the price. You are better off going to Pauline’s Bakery – especially for the scones.

Food / Drink: 5/10

Food Options: 4/10

Environment: 8/10

Value for Money: 4/10

Customer Service: 7/10

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