How To Make Restaurant Quality Seafood At Home

We would like to disclose that we are not Seafood experts and this is Purely from our experience in this area.

We recently went to Cornwall and was aware of the importance of Seafood in this beautiful area. One of the days we tried to make a booking at The Fish House Fistral through the phone but the lady was quite rude and unwilling to give us a booking. As a result of this we decided to buy and cook our own Seafood Feast. Why go to a restaurant when they don’t appreciate your custom and you make something just as good at home?

This isn’t a recipe as such but more of a guide. When cooking with seafood keep in mind that the simpler it is the better. We would strongly suggest buying fresh seafood as they taste so much better than the frozen kind. You will not believe the difference between frozen prawns and fresh prawns – you can taste the difference.

We used mostly garlic butter to flavour the seafood. We made our own Garlic Butter by blending together cloves of garlic with butter and a touch of olive oil – this is great as you can adjust it to your tastebuds. We actually added a whole bulb of garlic because we love garlic.

We bought two full sea bass, caught the same day, at a local Fishmongers in Newquay Cornwall. All we did with this was add some olive oil, herby salt and a tea spoon of the garlic butter. We then cooked in the oven for half an hour at 180c.

If you’re making potatoes we would suggest putting it in half an hour before the sea bass as it only needs an hour to cook. All we did was slice the potatoes into 1 inch circles and dress it in a olive oil and herb concoction (normally sage and basil). If you have an ActiFryer this is a great way to cook the potatoes – this is our dad’s favourite method.

We have never made Lobster before. The very friendly man at the E Rawle & Co Fishmonger gave us some helpful tips on how to prepare this. Essentially the Lobster was precooked thus all we had to do was warm it up and add some flavour. We decided to just add garlic butter and heat it through in the oven.

Preparing the prawns was easy we just removed the heads, cut down the middle to remove the veins and washed them. We left the shell on as it enhances the flavour. When the rest of the seafood feast was nearly ready we just stir fried the prawns in garlic butter until it was cooked through.

Bon appétit! In just over an hour you can cook a Seafood Feast for yourself and your loved ones that is just as good if not better than going out to a seafood restaurant. It will be so much cheaper, more satisfying and you can take your time.

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