What We Ate In Cornwall

We have just come back from our trip to Newquay, Cornwall. The week spent here was amazing it felt like we were in a different country. We now understand all the hype surrounding the phenomenon that is Cornwall.

We have to be completely honest that the majority of food we ate while at Cornwall we made at the place we were staying. This was due to it being cheaper than eating out and eating meals that left us feeling satisfied. How many times have you been to a restaurant thinking you could have made the dish better at home? One dish that we always make better at home is pasta.

The first day we got Brunch at Pauline’s Creamery . Which was so good that we went back on our last day too! Especially for the Cheese & Onion Cornish Pasties and Scones.

Then in the evening we had a homemade Roast Dinner which consisted of Roast Lamb Leg, Roast Potatoes and Matoke Curry (an African dish).

On Monday, for Brunch we had Coconut Prawn Pasta using local fresh prawns purchased from E Rawle & Co. It was absolutely delicious.

The next day we decided to do a day trip to St Ives. If you go to Cornwall you definitely need to check out the beaches on St Ives. We had Brunch at Yummy Scrummy Bakery when we reached there. However, the food we had here is mediocre on our food radar.

Wednesday was a rest day due to our adventures the previous day. Thus Lunch was homemade Spaghetti Bolognese which was really yummy.

Later in the day after a stroll to the local fishmonger we went to get Ice Cream. The ice cream was the good standard ice cream.

Dinner was a Homemade Seafood Feast which could easily be mistaken for restaurant quality Seafood. This day proved to us that all you need is really fresh seafood and basic ingredients to make delicious food – with the need to put up with rude waiting staff .

Thursday morning consisted of a quick breakfast – toast slathered with butter and coconut coffee – before heading to Land’s End.

When we finally finished sightseeing we went to a small town called St Just. We ended up ordering a vegetarian pizza from The Square. However, it wasn’t enough between us four hungry humans. This resulted in us buying Cheese & Onion Pasties from Warren’s Bakery. The parents thought that the Cornish Pasty from Warren’s Bakery was better than the one from Pauline’s Creamery.

On our last day we went back to Pauline’s Creamery especially for the Scones. They are hands down the best we’ve ever had.

For dinner we had curry steaks with dad’s famous roast potatoes. This may not look the best in the photo but let us assure you it tastes absolutely delicious.

We finished off the trip with Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop in Newquay. Although it is slightly pricy it is a one off naughty treat that is great for sharing.

Although we didn’t eat out that much we ate a lot of delicious food made just the way we like it. The good thing about cooking your own food is you can adapt it to your tastes and it is so much cheaper than buying it at a restaurant. In fact buying groceries for the whole week would amount to one night out for a family of four. If you are considering going to Cornwall we highly recommend you go as it is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to and we’ve been lucky enough to travel abroad.

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