What We Ate In Brighton – Day 2

We started the day off with a Buffet Breakfast which is included in our hotel package at the Hilton Brighton Metropole. This was a decent start to the day.

After hours of walking around The Pavilion we decided to have lunch at the Tearoom inside the Pavilion. We got The Prince George Tea, Vegetarian Picnic Basket & two Orange Juices.

If we are being completely honest, which we always are, The Royal Pavilion Tearoom is not worth spending your hard earned money on. The food is well below average and we would of been more satisfied making our own sandwiches. You may think we’re being too dramatic but here’s some advice don’t bother ordering the Vegetarian Picnic Platter you’ll leave most of it on the plate. This is a pity as it is quite hyped up, the staff are really friendly and you would of thought they would be more effort into the food sold at a former palace. Although it may have only cost us £24 it left us deeply unsatisfied and cheated out of our money. To be honest we never thought we would feel this annoyed by a food establishment. Although the tea room is not worth visiting, it is worth seeing the Pavilion.

Would we recommend going to the Royal Pavilion Tearoom? No.

Food / Drink: 2/10

Food Options: 4/10

Environment: 9/10

Value for Money: 1/10

Customer Service: 9/10

Although we were left pretty disappointed by lunch we carried on with our day. This consisted of visiting the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery and The Lanes. A long time later we decided to go for dinner at A Taste Of Sahara.

As soon as we entered the restaurant we were greeted by the delightful sent of Oudh – which made us feel like we were in a Middle Eastern country. This was swiftly followed by the friendly waiter who quickly showed us to our table.

After a few moments we finally decided on what to order: Sultan’s Mixed Kebabs, Shish Tawouk and Chakchouka. For drinks we got Mango Juice, Pepsi and Lemon Refresher.

The Sultans Mixed Kebabs were absolutely delicious. It came with a generous amount of Shish, Tawouk and Kofta which was beautifully complimented by saffron rice, a yoghurt dip and salad. Normally, we are left disappointed by the Shish due to the lack of flavour and toughness but this was done to absolute perfection as it was seasoned and soft. This could easily be shared between two people if you’re not too hungry.

Let us tell you that the Chakchouka (which is an aubergine, chickpea, tomato and red pepper curry) is an absolute must try if you go to A Taste of Sahara. The aubergine has been done that it literally melts in your mouth. We would come back just to have this dish again!

The Shish Tawouk was extremely delicious that it was eaten just with the rice – as it was flavourful enough without the yoghurt dip and salad.

All in all we were left extremely satisfied by the meal at A Taste of Sahara. Although it was more expensive than the meal we had yesterday for dinner, it was an all round experience that was worth the cost. Have you ever had a meal that is worth paying just a little bit more because it is just so delicious and a treat? This was one of those times.

Would we recommend going to A Taste of Sahara? Yes, although slightly pricy you will have a meal to remember.

Food / Drink: 9/10

Food Options: 9/10

Environment: 8/10

Value for Money: 9/10

Customer Service: 9/10

We finished off the day with a Cronut from Dum Dum Donuts. We bought the donuts earlier in the day as we were walking near there as we were wondering if ChoccyWokkyDoodah was still open. For anyone wondering it is not open anymore. Anyway back to the cronuts… They look a lot better than they tasted. The Cronutella was quite dry – but we guess the small amount of filling kind of evened it out – and it wasn’t that chocolaty. However, the Salted Caramel and Lotus Biscuit Cronut was much better than the Cronutella because it had more flavour, wasn’t as dense and wasn’t as dry. For the price (and hype) we expected a lot more. It was great to try it but we’re not in a hurry to get Dum Dum Donuts again.

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