What We Ate In Brighton – Day 3

Today we went for breakfast at the hotel (as it was included in our deal).

This was promptly followed by hours of walking around Brighton which mostly consisted of window shopping.

Finally around 4pm we went for linner at Food For Friends as a result of the numerous reviews raving about how incredible it is and genuine interest in it being a vegetarian and vegan Restaurant.

As soon as we arrived we felt welcome by the staff. The setting of the restaurant was very interesting as it seemed to focus on creating an amazing atmosphere opposed to trying to fit as many tables and chairs as possible in the space provided. The interior was very minimalist yet stylish and homely.

The menu was wasn’t the most extensive but that is probably because of the effort they put into making each delicious individual dish. We ended up ordering Traditional Houmous, Crispy Thai Cauliflower, two Burgers and Malaysian Vegetable Laksa. For drinks we got complementary Water, Homemade Lemonade and a Coca Cola.

The Traditional Houmous was absolutely delicious and it was the best hummus we’ve had had in our life so far. You can tell that it is fresh and made with love. This was served with warm crispy flatbread which complimented the hummus amazingly.

The Crispy Thai Cauliflower was surprisingly so yummy that it turned out to be the star of the show. Who knew that Cauliflower could taste so good? Even some one we know who hates vegetables loved this. If you ever come here you have to try this dish.

The Malaysian Vegetable Laksa – Mum’s main meal – was really tasty. The only problem (in the words of our Mum) was that it way too much and her spoon wasn’t big enough to slurp up the broth. To be honest we could have shared this between the three of us and have left satisfied. Mum loves this so much that she wants to try a version of this dish at home.

The burger was probably one of the best veggie burgers we’ve had so far. It even had avocado! The chips were served really hot – as if it had just come out of the fryer – and quite salty. It reminded us of McDonalds fries but so much better as it was fresher and crispier. The serving size was so big that we could have shared the burger.

Last but not least, the Homemade Lemonade was really lush. It was definitely the best lemonade I’ve ever had.

Would we recommend? Yes you definitely need to visit this place if you’re ever in Brighton.

Food / Drink: 9/10

Food Options: 7/10

Environment: 9/10

Value for Money: 9/10

Customer Service: 8/10

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