Places To Eat In Brighton

After spending four days in Brighton and eating out on a few occasions we have discovered a few places that all visitors must try.

Food For Friends

Food For Friends serves amazing food that are delicious and great for sharing. Although this place may be pricy you will experience delicious food that you probably wouldn’t otherwise try.

Sprinkles Gelato Brighton

We loved this dessert place so much that we went here twice on our trip! We can hands down say that the gelato we ate here was the best we’ve ever had so far. If you ever looking for a fabulous place for dessert look no further. We would recommend trying the Chocoholic Sundae.

A Taste Of Sahara

Where do we start with this little gem? As soon as you enter you are welcomed by the delightful Oudh smell and a friendly waiter. The food was absolutely delicious and generous serving sizes without being way too much. Although this establishment is quite pricy it is ideal for a treat out.

We hope to return to Brighton soon. Next time we want to try The Flour Pot Bakery and Kambi’s – due to the raving reviews.

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