Kapadokya Restaurant

📍9 Dalton Road, Barrow-in-Furness, LA14 1HY

We discovered this place after someone recommended this to our Mum. We decided to try Kapadokya for Eid this year. This resulted in us returning occasionally for a treat out. Below we comment on our experiences from the numerous times we went there.

The atmosphere was very nice and the staff were very friendly. There was a variety of food options for meat eaters and Turkish cuisine lovers.

The interior design upstairs was amazing as they created a cave effect with beautiful paintings and Turkish inspired lights.

We ordered the Cold Mixed Meze Starter which consisted of various cold yogurt based dips and salad. This was served with parpar (Indian crisps). Personally we would prefer this served with pita bread.

For main we ordered The Meat Platter for 4 which consisted of chops, Shish, Kebabs Chicken Wings and Chicken Pieces. This was served with Chips, Turkish Bulgur, Flat Breads and Salad.

On another occasion we tried the Kasarli Sucuklu Pide (a Viking Boat Shaped Pizza with Turkish Sausage). Considering that we are not the biggest Turkish Sausage fans this pizza was pretty good. But just so you know that it is packed with small pieces of Turkish Sausage thus if you’re not a fan we suggest avoiding this option.

We have also ordered the Family Platter for 4 where you get a Cold Mixed Meze and the Meat Platter which consists of Chicken Shish, Lamb Shish, Lamb Shish, Lamb Chops, Lamb Ribs, Adona Kebab and Chicken Wings served with Rice, Wraps, Chips and Salad for £67.90. It is a lot of money but you get big generous portions of food, really good service and an amazing atmosphere.

Fairly recently we went with our mum and we ordered the Mixed Platter for 2 which included a Cold Mixed Meze Starter and a Meat Platter consisting of Chicken Wings, Lamb Ribs, Adana, Lamb Shish and Chicken Shish which was served with Rice, Salad, wraps and Toasted Bread (to give a consistency of soft croutons). This had cost us £34.90.

Would we recommend? Yes you definitely need to visit this place if you’re ever in Barrow-in-Furness. If you’re a Muslim living in Cumbria you’ll know how rare it is to find decent halal food.

Food / Drink: 9/10

Food Options: 9/10

Environment: 10/10

Value for Money: 8/10

Customer Service: 9/10

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