Review of Trocadero Arena Restaurant

Over the past few years we have been fortunate enough to visit Marbella, Spain. Nearly every time we visit Marbella we make an effort to dine at Trocadero Arena. We also want to make clear that this review is entirely unbiased.

As soon as we enter Trocadero Arena we are surrounded by African themed furniture and a warm inviting ambiance. We always reserve in advance to ensure we get a table as this spot tends to get busy.

The menu provides dishes that cater to a variety of diets – specifically for those who are meat lovers and pescatarians.

For starters we got a salad to share and an individual bread roll. The salad is great due to the fresh produce they use. We recommend getting a salad to share.

As there were four of us we decided to share dishes (as some cannot be made for individual servings). We ended up getting the Sea Bream with Roast Vegetables – which as always is absolutely delicious (even to a person who tries to avoid fish wherever possible).

The other dish we got was the Black Paella. Although it may not look the most advertising it tastes really good – especially with the homemade garlic aioli.

For all the chocoholics out there you would love the Chocolate Bell which is essentially a dark chocolate shell covering a rich chocolate mousse that’s caressing a delicious nutty chocolate cake base.

The parents opted for the cake (pictured above) which tasted divine like something you’d expect to come out of a Middle-Eastern kitchen.

Moreover, if you don’t drink alcohol (like us) you will have an array of mocktail options available to you. Our personal favourites are the Virgin Mojito, Virgin Pina Colada and Strawberry Sunset.

We would recommend visiting this place if you’re ever in the area and wanting to treat yourself or a loved one. However, we’d like to note that you’ll have to be willing to part with an significant amount of cash.


Would we recommend? Yes but it is quite pricey – will be paying more for the ambiance.

Food / Drink: 8/10

Food Options: 7/10

Environment: 9/10

Value for Money: 8/10

Customer Service: 8/10

First Impressions of Betullas Ulverston Restaurant

📍13 Queen Street, Ulverston, LA12 7AF

We heard about this place when someone invited my sister here for their birthday. As this is a fairly new establishment all of us decided to give it a go. This is our first impressions of Betulla’s Restaurant in Ulverston.

The staff were really friendly and helpful. My sister, who was on the main floor for the party, thought it was very warm, friendly, inviting and spacious. The rest of us were downstairs in the refurbished cellar thought that it was cosy and rustic. The Menu was very organised as it was split into categories of dishes suited for meat or vegetarian diets. There was a great range of Italian inspired dishes available to satisfy most tastes and dietary requirements.


We started off with King Prawns pan fried in garlic butter & fresh chillies accompanied with Arancini (risotto balls with sun blushed tomatoes & mozzarella covered in breadcrumbs and fried). The starters we got were absolutely delicious. For drinks we got a pint of Lime & Soda and Sprite.

Penne Arabiatta
Penne Pesto Feta


After much back and forth we finally decided on getting the Penne Arabiatta and Penne Pesto Feta. The portions were really generous that we could of been satisfied with sharing one pasta dish between two of us. The Penne Arabiatta has to be the best I’ve ever had at a restaurant due to the fresh ingredients used and packing some delicious flavour. The Penne Pesto Feta was delightful.

The dinner ended on a mouth-watering note with the Homemade Cheesecake of the Week. Again, the portion was enough to fill us both! The cheesecake was delicious, very rich and filling.

For all the food we had above it came to £43 for the two of us. In our opinion we think we got really good value for money.

Would we recommend? Yes you definitely need to visit this place if you’re ever in Ulverston.

Food/Drink: 10/10

Food Options: 9/10

Environment: 9/10

Value for Money: 10/10

Customer Service: 10/10

Kapadokya Restaurant

📍9 Dalton Road, Barrow-in-Furness, LA14 1HY

We discovered this place after someone recommended this to our Mum. We decided to try Kapadokya for Eid this year. This resulted in us returning occasionally for a treat out. Below we comment on our experiences from the numerous times we went there.

The atmosphere was very nice and the staff were very friendly. There was a variety of food options for meat eaters and Turkish cuisine lovers.

The interior design upstairs was amazing as they created a cave effect with beautiful paintings and Turkish inspired lights.

We ordered the Cold Mixed Meze Starter which consisted of various cold yogurt based dips and salad. This was served with parpar (Indian crisps). Personally we would prefer this served with pita bread.

For main we ordered The Meat Platter for 4 which consisted of chops, Shish, Kebabs Chicken Wings and Chicken Pieces. This was served with Chips, Turkish Bulgur, Flat Breads and Salad.

On another occasion we tried the Kasarli Sucuklu Pide (a Viking Boat Shaped Pizza with Turkish Sausage). Considering that we are not the biggest Turkish Sausage fans this pizza was pretty good. But just so you know that it is packed with small pieces of Turkish Sausage thus if you’re not a fan we suggest avoiding this option.

We have also ordered the Family Platter for 4 where you get a Cold Mixed Meze and the Meat Platter which consists of Chicken Shish, Lamb Shish, Lamb Shish, Lamb Chops, Lamb Ribs, Adona Kebab and Chicken Wings served with Rice, Wraps, Chips and Salad for £67.90. It is a lot of money but you get big generous portions of food, really good service and an amazing atmosphere.

Fairly recently we went with our mum and we ordered the Mixed Platter for 2 which included a Cold Mixed Meze Starter and a Meat Platter consisting of Chicken Wings, Lamb Ribs, Adana, Lamb Shish and Chicken Shish which was served with Rice, Salad, wraps and Toasted Bread (to give a consistency of soft croutons). This had cost us £34.90.

Would we recommend? Yes you definitely need to visit this place if you’re ever in Barrow-in-Furness. If you’re a Muslim living in Cumbria you’ll know how rare it is to find decent halal food.

Food / Drink: 9/10

Food Options: 9/10

Environment: 10/10

Value for Money: 8/10

Customer Service: 9/10

Dum Dum Donuts Review

After months of hearing how amazing Dum Dum Donuts are, we finally had the chance to try them for ourselves. This review is all our own opinions.

We initially tried the Cronuts on our 2nd Day In Brighton. We tried the Cronutella Cronut which honestly left us pretty underwhelmed due to the lack of flavour, dryness and denseness of the Cronut. The small amount of filling tried to even it out.

The Salted Caramel and Lotus Biscuit Cronut was a lot better – we would recommend this option compared to the Cronutella based on our experience.

The second time we decided to try Dum Dum Donuts again was at Euston Station – to take home as a treat.

The Zebra Cronut was pretty good (so much better than the Cronutella) but it was still not living to all the hype. To be brutally honest we have had a better Cronut at Harrods.

Last but not least, the Strawberry Cheesecake Donut was such as disappointment. The filling was one of the worst fillings we’ve ever had in a Donut. Maybe it was a one off but how can you sell something as unpleasant as that?

Overall, we thought that Dum Dum Donuts are way overrated. For three Cronuts we paid £12 and for a pack of 6 Donuts & Cronuts we paid £18. In all honesty we would have been more satisfied with Donuts from Krispy Kreme – you can get 12 for £13.45. Even the donuts from the Pier would be more satisfying than these.

Would we recommend? No, you can get better Donuts & Cronuts for less money.

Food / Drink: 4/10

Food Options: 5/10

Environment: 8/10

Value for Money: 3/10

Customer Service: 7/10

Places To Eat In Brighton

After spending four days in Brighton and eating out on a few occasions we have discovered a few places that all visitors must try.

Food For Friends

Food For Friends serves amazing food that are delicious and great for sharing. Although this place may be pricy you will experience delicious food that you probably wouldn’t otherwise try.

Sprinkles Gelato Brighton

We loved this dessert place so much that we went here twice on our trip! We can hands down say that the gelato we ate here was the best we’ve ever had so far. If you ever looking for a fabulous place for dessert look no further. We would recommend trying the Chocoholic Sundae.

A Taste Of Sahara

Where do we start with this little gem? As soon as you enter you are welcomed by the delightful Oudh smell and a friendly waiter. The food was absolutely delicious and generous serving sizes without being way too much. Although this establishment is quite pricy it is ideal for a treat out.

We hope to return to Brighton soon. Next time we want to try The Flour Pot Bakery and Kambi’s – due to the raving reviews.

What We Ate In Brighton – Day 3

Today we went for breakfast at the hotel (as it was included in our deal).

This was promptly followed by hours of walking around Brighton which mostly consisted of window shopping.

Finally around 4pm we went for linner at Food For Friends as a result of the numerous reviews raving about how incredible it is and genuine interest in it being a vegetarian and vegan Restaurant.

As soon as we arrived we felt welcome by the staff. The setting of the restaurant was very interesting as it seemed to focus on creating an amazing atmosphere opposed to trying to fit as many tables and chairs as possible in the space provided. The interior was very minimalist yet stylish and homely.

The menu was wasn’t the most extensive but that is probably because of the effort they put into making each delicious individual dish. We ended up ordering Traditional Houmous, Crispy Thai Cauliflower, two Burgers and Malaysian Vegetable Laksa. For drinks we got complementary Water, Homemade Lemonade and a Coca Cola.

The Traditional Houmous was absolutely delicious and it was the best hummus we’ve had had in our life so far. You can tell that it is fresh and made with love. This was served with warm crispy flatbread which complimented the hummus amazingly.

The Crispy Thai Cauliflower was surprisingly so yummy that it turned out to be the star of the show. Who knew that Cauliflower could taste so good? Even some one we know who hates vegetables loved this. If you ever come here you have to try this dish.

The Malaysian Vegetable Laksa – Mum’s main meal – was really tasty. The only problem (in the words of our Mum) was that it way too much and her spoon wasn’t big enough to slurp up the broth. To be honest we could have shared this between the three of us and have left satisfied. Mum loves this so much that she wants to try a version of this dish at home.

The burger was probably one of the best veggie burgers we’ve had so far. It even had avocado! The chips were served really hot – as if it had just come out of the fryer – and quite salty. It reminded us of McDonalds fries but so much better as it was fresher and crispier. The serving size was so big that we could have shared the burger.

Last but not least, the Homemade Lemonade was really lush. It was definitely the best lemonade I’ve ever had.

Would we recommend? Yes you definitely need to visit this place if you’re ever in Brighton.

Food / Drink: 9/10

Food Options: 7/10

Environment: 9/10

Value for Money: 9/10

Customer Service: 8/10

What We Ate In Brighton – Day 2

We started the day off with a Buffet Breakfast which is included in our hotel package at the Hilton Brighton Metropole. This was a decent start to the day.

After hours of walking around The Pavilion we decided to have lunch at the Tearoom inside the Pavilion. We got The Prince George Tea, Vegetarian Picnic Basket & two Orange Juices.

If we are being completely honest, which we always are, The Royal Pavilion Tearoom is not worth spending your hard earned money on. The food is well below average and we would of been more satisfied making our own sandwiches. You may think we’re being too dramatic but here’s some advice don’t bother ordering the Vegetarian Picnic Platter you’ll leave most of it on the plate. This is a pity as it is quite hyped up, the staff are really friendly and you would of thought they would be more effort into the food sold at a former palace. Although it may have only cost us £24 it left us deeply unsatisfied and cheated out of our money. To be honest we never thought we would feel this annoyed by a food establishment. Although the tea room is not worth visiting, it is worth seeing the Pavilion.

Would we recommend going to the Royal Pavilion Tearoom? No.

Food / Drink: 2/10

Food Options: 4/10

Environment: 9/10

Value for Money: 1/10

Customer Service: 9/10

Although we were left pretty disappointed by lunch we carried on with our day. This consisted of visiting the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery and The Lanes. A long time later we decided to go for dinner at A Taste Of Sahara.

As soon as we entered the restaurant we were greeted by the delightful sent of Oudh – which made us feel like we were in a Middle Eastern country. This was swiftly followed by the friendly waiter who quickly showed us to our table.

After a few moments we finally decided on what to order: Sultan’s Mixed Kebabs, Shish Tawouk and Chakchouka. For drinks we got Mango Juice, Pepsi and Lemon Refresher.

The Sultans Mixed Kebabs were absolutely delicious. It came with a generous amount of Shish, Tawouk and Kofta which was beautifully complimented by saffron rice, a yoghurt dip and salad. Normally, we are left disappointed by the Shish due to the lack of flavour and toughness but this was done to absolute perfection as it was seasoned and soft. This could easily be shared between two people if you’re not too hungry.

Let us tell you that the Chakchouka (which is an aubergine, chickpea, tomato and red pepper curry) is an absolute must try if you go to A Taste of Sahara. The aubergine has been done that it literally melts in your mouth. We would come back just to have this dish again!

The Shish Tawouk was extremely delicious that it was eaten just with the rice – as it was flavourful enough without the yoghurt dip and salad.

All in all we were left extremely satisfied by the meal at A Taste of Sahara. Although it was more expensive than the meal we had yesterday for dinner, it was an all round experience that was worth the cost. Have you ever had a meal that is worth paying just a little bit more because it is just so delicious and a treat? This was one of those times.

Would we recommend going to A Taste of Sahara? Yes, although slightly pricy you will have a meal to remember.

Food / Drink: 9/10

Food Options: 9/10

Environment: 8/10

Value for Money: 9/10

Customer Service: 9/10

We finished off the day with a Cronut from Dum Dum Donuts. We bought the donuts earlier in the day as we were walking near there as we were wondering if ChoccyWokkyDoodah was still open. For anyone wondering it is not open anymore. Anyway back to the cronuts… They look a lot better than they tasted. The Cronutella was quite dry – but we guess the small amount of filling kind of evened it out – and it wasn’t that chocolaty. However, the Salted Caramel and Lotus Biscuit Cronut was much better than the Cronutella because it had more flavour, wasn’t as dense and wasn’t as dry. For the price (and hype) we expected a lot more. It was great to try it but we’re not in a hurry to get Dum Dum Donuts again.

What We Ate in Brighton – Day 1

After a long 5 hours of travelling by train, we finally arrived in Brighton. By the time we arrived we were starving, exhausted and irritated by the heat.

After checking into our hotel, we walked to Ephesus which is a Turkish restaurant.

For starters we got the Meze Platter 3 which consisted of sucuk (Turkish Sausage), borek (Pastry filled with Feta Cheese), Calamari and Falafel. This came with fresh Turkish Village Bread and a small platter of Cacik (Tzatziki), Olives & an unidentifiable very hot dip (kind of like Harissa but more extreme). The starters was ok the best part of it was the Borek and Falafel (which was warm, crispy, flavourful and not dry). The Sucuk was good but not the best I’ve ever had. The Calamari was decent. The Bread was fresh and soft which was great for scooping up dips.

The main was also a sharing platter (for two). This came with Adana Kebab, Lamb Shish, Chicken Shish, Lamb Ribs, Chicken Wings served with Salad and Bulger. This was as good as most Turkish places we’ve been to.

This is a good place to go to with a family as you can get a meal for 4 for around £50. The customer service is really good.

Food / Drink: 7/10

Food Options: 6/10

Environment: 9/10

Value for Money: 8/10

Customer Service: 9/10

Later we went for dessert at Sprinkles Gelato Brighton due to all the positive reviews and hype. We finally decided on ordering the Choc Heaven Sundae, Summer Sky Smoothie and the It Takes Two To Mango Ice Cream Float.

The Choc Heaven Sundae is great for sharing between two or even three people! This is probably the best sundae we’ve ever had due to the really good quality chocolate gelato. This is the first time we’ve ever had gelato but if all gelato is a good as this we would choose this over ice cream any day. This dessert is a serious treat and obviously catered for milk chocolate lovers.

The It Takes Two To Mango Ice Cream Float was a pretty interesting concept. It tasted really refreshing at the start but once the Mango Sorbet melted and integrated with the Sprite it didn’t taste as good.

The Summer Sky Smoothie consisted of blended passion fruit, peach and mango. It a pretty good Smoothie and probably one of the better ones we’ve had at a dessert place (or anywhere that doesn’t specialise in Smoothies).

For the three things that we ordered it had cost us £15.40. Considering the quality of the products, presentation, customer service, location, serving sizes and quality of seating this is a reasonable price. If you ever come to Brighton you should definitely try this place especially for its gelato.

Food / Drink: 9/10

Food Options: 9/10

Environment: 9/10

Value for Money: 9/10

Customer Service: 9/10

What We Ate In Cornwall

We have just come back from our trip to Newquay, Cornwall. The week spent here was amazing it felt like we were in a different country. We now understand all the hype surrounding the phenomenon that is Cornwall.

We have to be completely honest that the majority of food we ate while at Cornwall we made at the place we were staying. This was due to it being cheaper than eating out and eating meals that left us feeling satisfied. How many times have you been to a restaurant thinking you could have made the dish better at home? One dish that we always make better at home is pasta.

The first day we got Brunch at Pauline’s Creamery . Which was so good that we went back on our last day too! Especially for the Cheese & Onion Cornish Pasties and Scones.

Then in the evening we had a homemade Roast Dinner which consisted of Roast Lamb Leg, Roast Potatoes and Matoke Curry (an African dish).

On Monday, for Brunch we had Coconut Prawn Pasta using local fresh prawns purchased from E Rawle & Co. It was absolutely delicious.

The next day we decided to do a day trip to St Ives. If you go to Cornwall you definitely need to check out the beaches on St Ives. We had Brunch at Yummy Scrummy Bakery when we reached there. However, the food we had here is mediocre on our food radar.

Wednesday was a rest day due to our adventures the previous day. Thus Lunch was homemade Spaghetti Bolognese which was really yummy.

Later in the day after a stroll to the local fishmonger we went to get Ice Cream. The ice cream was the good standard ice cream.

Dinner was a Homemade Seafood Feast which could easily be mistaken for restaurant quality Seafood. This day proved to us that all you need is really fresh seafood and basic ingredients to make delicious food – with the need to put up with rude waiting staff .

Thursday morning consisted of a quick breakfast – toast slathered with butter and coconut coffee – before heading to Land’s End.

When we finally finished sightseeing we went to a small town called St Just. We ended up ordering a vegetarian pizza from The Square. However, it wasn’t enough between us four hungry humans. This resulted in us buying Cheese & Onion Pasties from Warren’s Bakery. The parents thought that the Cornish Pasty from Warren’s Bakery was better than the one from Pauline’s Creamery.

On our last day we went back to Pauline’s Creamery especially for the Scones. They are hands down the best we’ve ever had.

For dinner we had curry steaks with dad’s famous roast potatoes. This may not look the best in the photo but let us assure you it tastes absolutely delicious.

We finished off the trip with Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop in Newquay. Although it is slightly pricy it is a one off naughty treat that is great for sharing.

Although we didn’t eat out that much we ate a lot of delicious food made just the way we like it. The good thing about cooking your own food is you can adapt it to your tastes and it is so much cheaper than buying it at a restaurant. In fact buying groceries for the whole week would amount to one night out for a family of four. If you are considering going to Cornwall we highly recommend you go as it is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to and we’ve been lucky enough to travel abroad.

How To Make Restaurant Quality Seafood At Home

We would like to disclose that we are not Seafood experts and this is Purely from our experience in this area.

We recently went to Cornwall and was aware of the importance of Seafood in this beautiful area. One of the days we tried to make a booking at The Fish House Fistral through the phone but the lady was quite rude and unwilling to give us a booking. As a result of this we decided to buy and cook our own Seafood Feast. Why go to a restaurant when they don’t appreciate your custom and you make something just as good at home?

This isn’t a recipe as such but more of a guide. When cooking with seafood keep in mind that the simpler it is the better. We would strongly suggest buying fresh seafood as they taste so much better than the frozen kind. You will not believe the difference between frozen prawns and fresh prawns – you can taste the difference.

We used mostly garlic butter to flavour the seafood. We made our own Garlic Butter by blending together cloves of garlic with butter and a touch of olive oil – this is great as you can adjust it to your tastebuds. We actually added a whole bulb of garlic because we love garlic.

We bought two full sea bass, caught the same day, at a local Fishmongers in Newquay Cornwall. All we did with this was add some olive oil, herby salt and a tea spoon of the garlic butter. We then cooked in the oven for half an hour at 180c.

If you’re making potatoes we would suggest putting it in half an hour before the sea bass as it only needs an hour to cook. All we did was slice the potatoes into 1 inch circles and dress it in a olive oil and herb concoction (normally sage and basil). If you have an ActiFryer this is a great way to cook the potatoes – this is our dad’s favourite method.

We have never made Lobster before. The very friendly man at the E Rawle & Co Fishmonger gave us some helpful tips on how to prepare this. Essentially the Lobster was precooked thus all we had to do was warm it up and add some flavour. We decided to just add garlic butter and heat it through in the oven.

Preparing the prawns was easy we just removed the heads, cut down the middle to remove the veins and washed them. We left the shell on as it enhances the flavour. When the rest of the seafood feast was nearly ready we just stir fried the prawns in garlic butter until it was cooked through.

Bon appétit! In just over an hour you can cook a Seafood Feast for yourself and your loved ones that is just as good if not better than going out to a seafood restaurant. It will be so much cheaper, more satisfying and you can take your time.